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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Success Criteria

Now, let's talk about measurements. Success criteria is not exact things, because each blogger have their own measurement. Me, for example, my current success point is: if my blogs can give me PASSIVE INCOME at least USD 100 each month. Since I am a newbie in AdSense-Blog world, I think that amount is not easy to get, but it is ACHIEVABLE.

How about you? what is your success criteria??
I'm waiting for your input..

Meanwhile, for this time, my 'SUCCESS CRITERIA' for our AdSense-Blog activity is this: your PASSIVE INCOME >= USD 1000 or PASSIVE INCOME > ACTIVE INCOME (CURRENT JOB).

Is it objective enough for us?... I think so, at least for temporary, until I get more inputs from you all.

My plan with this blog is, I will update it at least with ONE INDONESIAN BLOGGER SUCCESS STORY for EACH WEEK. So, don't forget to bookmark this blog into your 'Blog List', my friends.

See you...


Success stories is one subject that always interesting subject to share. I myself, on last few days read many bloggers out there who make great residual income from their blogging activities.

Many of them are popular among other bloggers and give new inspiration and motivation to follow those success. But, I am very sure there is much more blogger that also success on their blogging, but they are not exposed yet.

In this blog, I will try to collecting those success stories from Indonesian Bloggers. Why Indonesian?.. you know why, because I'm Indonesian... :D

Hope this blog can inspired and motivated us to create another new success stories in the future.

AdSense Success Stories Team